La Verendrye School Metalwork Tables

From Portage Online April 30, 2017

La Verendrye School has new metal shop tables thanks to a local business and some help from students.

Portage School Division Assistant Superintendent Pam Garnham says they got a lot better deal than just buying new tables.

“I asked Ben McGowan, the Industrial Arts teacher at La Verendrye School, to get some quotes for new metalwork tables. So he contacted Cobalt Industries in Portage for a quote on a table and Clint Taylor, the owner, suggested we buy the supplies and some students could provide the labour.”

Three students from La Verendrye/Oakville, and two students from the high school went to Cobalt Industries to get to work last week.

“The students working with a journeyman welder from Cobalt built the three tables for us,” says Garnham. “It was an excellent learning experience with a great community connection. One high school student did very well and may be getting a job in the industry after all of this.”

Garnham was really thrilled Taylor suggested the idea and wanted to bring something like this to the students of Portage la Prairie.

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