Canadian Metalworking Magazine Recognizes Cobalt Industries.

Canadian Metalworking Magazine recognizes Cobalt Industries in an article identifying next generation manufacturing leaders.

There used to be a perception in Canada that manufacturing was yesterday’s news, and that to get ahead young people should enter the “service” sector – banking, HR, and other “customer-centric” industries. Nobody gave a thought to who would build our cars, buildings, energy distribution networks, or appliances. Those jobs would take care of themselves.

We’ve since had to manage with a shortfall of talent in fabrication and welding, and now colleges and universities across the country are reinvesting in these programs to bolster that burgeoning need.

But through it all there have always been young people who understand the value of the trades and the importance of quality materials science and development. This month we introduce you to just a few such people. These young people have been recognized by their peers as individuals who stand out in the crowd. Some are advocates for industry. Others demonstrate the potential of the trades through their example of success.

Most importantly, all demonstrate that Canada has a bright manufacturing future if we can continue to encourage investment in talented individuals such as these.


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