2017 International Achievement Award

A tensioned cover was required to fit over a functioning waste water clarifier in a semi-remote area of Manitoba. Cobalt Industries was subcontracted to install the cover as well as retrofit the clarifier on this project.

A cover needed to be installed over a functioning wastewater treatment clarifier in a semi-remote area of Manitoba, Canada. The clarifier was undergoing numerous upgrades such replacing the walkway, sludge scraping mechanism and surface skimmer. The installation needed to be completed during a short shut-down period. The client needed an effective, long-lasting and affordable cover to contain odors and moisture. The cover needed to be custom designed to precise dimensions to accommodate another vendor’s new equipment that was to be installed.

The project had multiple challenges. The cover needed to be installed on a clarifier that was located within a building that had minimal perimeter and overhead workspace. There was no opportunity for a forklift or tracked vehicle to bring the cover in from the side. The limited access required a temporary opening in the roof to be made to enable the cover to be lowered into the building by a crane.
The 2nd challenge was the other vendors equipment had very tight operational tolerances. Their equipment was set to 16th’s of an inch. Therefore, the cover could not subject any undue stress on the structure to cause their equipment to be moved out of alignment. The fabrication and installation had to be exact and balanced..
The 3rd challenge was the cover needed to be installed within 72 hours of the cover’s arrival to to avoid budgetary cost over runs and meet their timeline.

The tensioned cover fit like a glove. The installation was completed twelve hours ahead of the targeted timeline. The other vendors equipment stayed in alignment without any need for adjustment. The membrane cover was chosen for it’s attributes over several excellent hard cover options. In the end, the operational staff and project manager were satisfied with the affordability and quality of materials and installation.

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